Neemo Privacy Policy

Neemo, Inc believes in a vision of a private and secure, social utility/communications platform that everybody can enjoy. Neemo, Inc will protect your data. How? Because we encrypt it and delete it!

Information We Collect:

We collect only the information you choose to give us during registration. Such as your username, first/last name, and email address. We'll never disclose this information to 3rd parties. That is our commitment.

Usage Information We Collect From You:

None! We don't collect any personal usage information from you while you use our platform.

Device Information: None! We don't collect any personal device information from you when you use our platform.

Phone Contacts: We don't access your devices contacts when you install our app.

Camera and Photos: Neemo needs access to your camera and photos in order to function properly. If you wish to send a photo or post a PIn, Neemo must have access to your photos. We will not, and do not, save user photo data.

Microphone: Neemo needs access to your microphone if you wish to send an audio message. Neemo does not, and will not, not save user audio data.

How Long Your Info Is Stored:

All messages, along with any media embedded in the messages are deleted in real time after the recipient opens it.

Feed posts have a max life of 24 hours, all Feed related data will be totally erased after 24 hours, or if the user deletes it before the 24 hour automatic deletion. Whichever comes first.

Message data are deleted in real time after the recipient has opened the message.

"Pins" in Spaces expire after 24 hours and all data is permanently deleted.

Location data is permanently deleted after the user has ended the Neemo session.

Messages: We do not save any message data from Neemo users. This includes texts, audio, photos and videos.

Location Data: Neemo needs access to your location in order to function properly. Again, we will not, and do not, save user location data.

Log Information: None! We do not, and will not save users personal access times, IP addresses, device information, or how you use our platform.

How We Share Your Information With 3rd Parties:

We dont! We simply do not have any information to share. We delete it!

We reserve the right to change and update this privacy policy at any time with any new features we introduce. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at support[@]

We're NOT on any social media platforms.

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